20 DIY Clay Pot Christmas Decorations That Add Charm To Your Holiday Decor

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Do you love making Christmas crafts each year? It's a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and to get creative. If you like making new craft every year, that also means that you'll always have to look out for new diy ideas. So it's a good thing that there is an abundance of fun diy projects online that you can try out. There are probably so many diy ideas online that you could easily plan out the next 10 years of Christmas crafts. These are just some of the great diy ideas that you can try. Vanessa from DIY & Crafts shares 20 DIY Christmas decorations made out of terra cotta planting pots. Not only are they really easy to make, but they also end up being quite affordable too if you know where to get cheap terra cotta pots. First, check around your home and garden to see if there are any that you could use for your fun diy projects. Then, you can go to the dollar store where they are usually only a dollar each, sometimes less for the smaller ones. You could also go to thrift stores and garage sales where you might get lucky and find some terra cotta pots. If you're recycling old ones, just be sure to give them all a good wash and allow them to dry out completely before painting or glueing them.

You can make the decorations with any size of planter pot, but some of the diy ideas require certain sizes. There are so many great ideas that work both indoors and outdoors, plus, most of them would make awesome gifts. Everyone loves getting homemade ornaments for their homes so that each year when they go to decorate their home, they think of the different people who have made the various decorations. The first diy idea Vanessa share with us is an angel decoration made out of an upside-down pot. All you do is paint the pot white for the angel's dress, and then create the head out of a wooden ball with eyes painted on and hair made out of moss or maybe even yarn. Then a halo made out of wire and wings made out of wood or feathers. They would look really great on a mantle or as a table top decoration or even as an outdoor decoration. One of the easier ornaments you can make with these terra cotta pots are the Christmas bells ornaments. These would be great to make with the kids and only require small pots with wooden beads and string.

If you love displaying Christmas candy in your home, you can also make your own candy jars that are perfect for the holiday season. All you do is take clay pots and glass bowls that will create the part the candy goes in. You simply glue the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the pot and then you make a lid for the glass bowl. To make the lid, you use a terra cotta tray that would go under your plant pot to catch water. Then you use a wooden ball as the handle on the lid by glueing it on the bottom of the tray. Then you can paint them whatever colour you like and fill them with the candy of your choice. They look great made in a variety of different sizes filled with various candies such as peppermint candies and jujubes. You can even make flower pots that look like Santa's pants out of your pots and put festive poinsettias in them. Try out some of these great diy ideas this year and save a few for next year too.***

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