12 Ingenious Gift Wrapping Hacks

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This list of DIY ideas for ingenious gift wrapping hacks is a must see for everyone. With fun and easy diys for gift wrapping hacks such as gift bags, creative gift toppers, repurposed wrapping paper and more. These fun diy projects can be used any time of year for occasions like birthday parties, holidays, thank you's and more. A look at these fun and easy diys will have you never looking at gift wrapping the same way again.

1. Instant gift bag diy ideas from gift wrap paper. A great way to reuse some paper and make a gift bag in minutes. Also a tutorial on how to use a box as a guide with some ribbon as handles.

2. Using rustic string and greenery to embellish gifts. Rustic hand stamped letters make for simple greetings on gifts along with brown paper for wrapping and twine.

3. Custom made wrapping paper made with cut out letters from old books, and potato stamped patterns. You can make your own phrases and designs with these simple techniques.

4. Christmas motifs on simple brown paper treat bags. A fun and easy diy project that uses Washi tape shaped like a Christmas tree for a holiday treat bag people will love.

5. Make bauble tags with this free printable idea. You can print Christmas ornaments from card stock with colorful patterns.

6. Make beautiful magazine paper gift bows. Save money and make your own unique gift bows from magazine pages. A step by step photo tutorial that will have you mastering the art of making gift bows.

7. Another fun diy project is to make mini wreaths to put on top of gifts. Simply get greenery and make wreaths using glue and some twine. These look especially good on top of gifts wrapped with simple brown paper.

8. During the holiday season, many grocery stores use paper bags with Christmas themed designs. You can dress them up with some plain paper and colorful scrap fabric garlands for a rustic and unique look.

9. DIY idea for yarn tassels on gifts. You can use colorful yarn to help with gift wrapping and make homemade yarn tassels as gift decorations.

10. Using buttons as part of your gift wrapping is a great idea to add some color and a unique look. Colorful buttons can be used along with some twine to secure and decorate the gift wrapping.

11. Make a simple Christmas tree set against brown paper wrap. Make a tiny Christmas tree on top of a gift using twigs that are wrapped with colorful yarn or string, complete with a paper star on top.

12. You can also make gift stars on top of brown paper wrap. The stars are made out of colorful paper straws then creatively secured with some bakers twine or some colorful string.

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