The 18ft x 27ft Hickory Hill small log cabin plans offer a charming but practical solution

Photo Credit: Conestoga Log Cabins

Have you been dreaming about building a log cabin? Here we have a great example of how easy it is to build a small log cabin from Conestoga Log Cabins. The Hickory Hill Log Cabin is a cozy, traditional style one and a half story log cabin featuring 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 667 square feet of space. Pricing for this log cabin starts at $42,900 which is actually very reasonable for a real log cabin. You could build this cabin to use as a recreational log cabin for use in the summer or year round if you like to enjoy winter sports too. The cabins are all customizable, so if you like the cabin but need to add anything to it, the company would be happy to help you with any of those adjustments. You can add on a porch to your cabin like the one you see on the log cabin in the photos. The patio provides a nice covered entrance into the home as well as a great place to sit and enjoy the surrounding area. Inside the cabin, you'll see that the entire interior is finished with real wood too. Including the wooden cabinets in the kitchen area. You can add in a full kitchen including a small gas stove and a regular fridge so you can have the comforts of home while you're staying in your cabin.

When you're designing your log cabin with Conestoga Log Cabins, you can add a stainless steel sink, or an electric stove and custom cabinets to your cabin designs. They also offer items like a screen door for summer use or an insulated metal door wintertime. You can even add in a heating or cooling unit as well as furniture so it will be all ready to use once it's set up. They even have wooden swings for the patio which would be so nice to have. Once you've decided on a design that you love, the company will start putting together your log cabin kit. They cut out all of the logs, label them and package them up to be shipped to your property. Most people will build their log cabin packages themselves, especially the smaller ones like the Hickory Hill cabin. Building these log cabin kits is made easier because all of the pieces are pre-cut and labelled to fit together perfectly. On their website, you can even watch a video on how to building a log cabin from Conestoga Log Cabins.

Building your own log cabin is a great alternative to having a log home builder handcraft one for you. This way you can get in on some of the building which is always very rewarding. You will also save a lot of money on labour too. The main difference between a handcrafted log cabin and manufactured log cabins like this one is that the handcrafted log cabin materials are all shaped by hand using special traditional tools that have been used for log home building for centuries. The manufactured log cabins and homes are built out of materials that have been shaped using machines. This makes all of the materials very uniform, as you can see in the photos of the Hickory Hill log cabin. The handcrafted materials will be less uniform and will vary in size, shape and colour. Neither way of building a log cabin is better than the other; it just depends on the individual and what they like. Have a look at some of the great small log cabins from Conestoga Log Cabins and see which designs are your favourite ones.***

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